Budang by raykosen and angelstale

Budang and Friends One shot cover.


BUDANG AND FRIENDS is a one shot independent komik created by ~Raykosen and ~AngelsTale. Debuted in Toycon of July 2007. It was first published under Seraphic Assassins but the rights were transferred to Revel Circle.


"Budang is not a gibberish word. Follow the paw prints of this cute cuddly cat and his misadventure."'

It revolves in the story of a very adorable white cat with black ears, paws and tail in the hands of his three masters. He is called, Budang! These masters are kids age 4 - 5 namely: Bonjing, Bek Bek and Bogart. They are the brats who enjoy making Budang's life miserable. It is about the clashes of Budang with his three friends. Well, friends


Main CastEdit



Budang - An adorable feline who later became a popular iconic celebrity in Philippines.

Bonjing - A blonde chinky eyed boy who keeps a lunch box with him filled with expired and spoiled food. Always wears Red. His character is inspired from ~Raykosen


Bek Bek - A sadistic girl with glasses who loves balding, destroying her dolls. Always wears Yellow. Her character is inspired from ~AngelsTale

Bek Bek

Bogart - A boy with glasses who loves turning his test papers into paper airplanes because they are filled with X marks. Always wears Blue or Black. His character is inspired from ~blackarcadia


Supporting CastEdit

Mr. Yoso - Budang's translator. Can understand Feline laguage.

Mr. Yoso

Ms. Chuvanessa Eklavoo - a hostess of a TV show and a popular commercial, idol and a star.

Ms. Chuvanessa Eklavoo

Mister Talent Scout - discovered Budang and made him into a superstar cat.


  • Budang and Friends won the grand prize of Toycon's Inter School Comic Creation Contest in 2007.
  • Best of Benilde 2008 - Recognition given to the Benildean creators of Budang and Friends.


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