Gener pedrina

Gener A. Pedriña portrait by Jun Lofamia


Gener "Ner" Pedrina (born January 1, 1970) is a freelance Filipino comic book artist who has taken on various roles in the industry. Most notable is his creation of Sanduguan. Pedrina graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the Angeles University of the Philippines, Angeles City, Pampanga.

Early careerEdit

Pedrina began his career with his first foray into comics initially as a member of the Alamat co-founding group Virtual Media, the creators of A.R.C.H.O.N. During his stint with them, he co-created the short-lived Handicrap Comics (1996) with his original partners and company mates Jonathan "Kajo" Baldisimo and Jeck Ebreo, which lasted all of six issues. The comics contained 3 titles per issue, one of which was Sanduguan which appeared in issues 5 and 6. His other creations appeared in Handicrap were the Bato and Zodiac comics.

After Handicrap, Pedrina was commissioned to do pin-up art for Alamat Comics' On The Verge and later did art for True Philippine Ghost Stories published by Psicom. He also did color work for Darna as it was released in International 3-issue format, published by Mango Comics in 2003. In 2004, he also did the art for Dynatica Comics' Tikbalang Nation. He worked with Psicom creating lay-outs for the magazine section of DC Kids and DC Super-Heroes, the official digest-sized reprints of the DC titles Teen Titans Go!, The Batman Strikes! and Justice League Unlimited and many more.

Gener is currently writing the Sanduguan series.


1998 Handicrap # 1-6
Published by Handicrapcomix

Pin-up for Dancing with a four legged Iguana
Published by Alamat Entertainment, Inc.


2002 Philippine Legends Published by Psicom

Ang Alamat ni Bernardo Karpio
Alamat ng Maynilad
Alamat Ng Mais
Alamat Ni Apobolinayen At Ang Araw
Tigbauan At Lamokon

2003 Look And Find Series Coloring Published by Psicom

1 - Invasion
2 - The Forest
3 - J Brothers Adventure
4 - Baranggay Anay, cover only
5 - The 12 Huntsmen
6 - The Abduction
8 - Carnival

Philippine Ghost Stories #8
Published by Psicom

DARNA Color Assist
Published by Mango Comics

SANDUGUAN REVELATIONS Written by Christophe Pacaud Published by Blue Shuffle

WAN: Tatlong Kuwento. Talong Buhay
With Tobie Abad

2004 TIKBALANG NATION Written by Jason Banico Published by Dynatica

"Kasaysayan: Minsan Isang Tag-Ulan"
Written by Alex Osias
Published by Psicom,

BASTED "Noon At Kailanman"
Written by Kate Aton
Cover colors
Published by Psicom

BASTED: Tagos Hanggang Buto Cover colors Published by Psicom

Razor Lolita
Written by Jason Banico Published byQuest Ventures

Ang Alamat ni Bato
Published by Point Zero

Written by Darrin Hunt
under Ronin Studios

2007 SANDUGUAN:Himagsikan 0
Published by Kathang Indio
Sandugo travels into another earth meeting the super-powered Katipuneros

2008 SANDUGUAN:Himagsikan 1
Published by Kathang Indio
The Adventures of team Sandugo continuous as they face the mind-controlled Magdalo

SANDUGUAN:Himagsikan 2
Published by Kathang Indio
Sandugo joins forces with the Katipunan and launched an attack against the forces of the Espanol regime

SANDATA 0 Published by Kathang Indio
The origin of the man called Sandata is revealed.

BATO, Agimat Warrior 1
Published by Kathang Indio
Collecting the early origins of Bato in the heydey of Handicrapcomix plus an origin story.

2009 KALAYAAN #6
Written by Gio Paredes
Published by GMP Comics
Sandugo Team cross over to the pages of Kalayaan Comics.