Ice Cream Indie: Bacolod's Local Manga Independent Studio

What is the Vision-Mission ICI (Ice Cream Indie) has?Edit

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We’ve learned a lot from CRCM in the past 6 years. We’ve gone to unimaginable lengths just to publish our small work legally. And we don’t want our fellow aspiring artists to walk that hard path. The Mission of ICI is to support local aspiring artists develop their work, train them and help publish them easily and with no money draining from their pockets; as well as to promote local artistry and talent in the country. Our Vision is to help develop the fusion of J-pop and Filipino culture and to start the local independent comic industry. And we are hoping to bring back the glory days of Print-literature Entertainment in the advent of multimedia and the internet. And we are not aiming mainly for profit but for rise of the industry. {| class="uiInfoTable profileInfoTable noBorder" |- | class="data"|Ice Cream Indie is the precursor of the fallen “Chronic Rage Comic Magazine” (CRCM) back in 2004. CRCM failed as a magazine due to inadequate funds and government delays in processing our paperwork. CRCM was founded by: Jiro Tamase, Shida Shinpan, Kouyuki Kun Yelo an we call them the “Core3”. The Core3 did everything to start the CRCM. But it was not meant to be. So the trio went on their separat...e ways to learn and earn enough to finance the fallen dream Shinpan was left behind and continued pursuing the passion. 6 years later Yelo returned and got reunited with Shinpan. CRCM evolved under the nurturing hands of Shida in the web for 6 years. And the two decided to reformat CRCM to Ice Cream Indie on October 2010. Since then we have published the first newsprint version, and then upgraded to better materials and reformatted the style last February 2011. |}

Ice Cream Indie Graphics is Managed and Operated in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. All production and printing are made independently by our staff, production and distribution team. We have a small independent circulation in Visayas and some part of Luzon area.


Editor-in-Chief: Kouyuki Kun Yelo... Art Director: Shida Shinpan
Associate Art Director: Jiro Tamase
Proprietor: Aiza Elisan-Bayoneta
Emperor: Thyrael John Bayoneta
BLOTS Writer: Shinju Oe
BLOTS Head Sketch: Julie Yip
BLOTS CG Artist: Joyce Diaz
BLOTS CG Artist: Fu Odashimas

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