Karma 2 - colored cover

KARMA: Chapter 2's Alpha book cover, published under Oh No! Manga. Characters featured (from left to right): Rei Kuassary, Shijirou, and Tori Avalon.

KARMA is a series written and illustrated by Kurohiko (Columbia Kho). The first chapter was created in 2003 as a one-shot entry for Culture Crash. Eight years later, KARMA reappeared at the 7th Komikon as an independently published manga. Chapters 2 and 3 were later published by Oh No! Manga in 2012. The series features characters from many of Kurohiko's other series including A.illusions and Celestia.

Plot Edit

Angels are more real than you could imagine. They walk among humans and take on the same appearance, blending with the populace. They could be a stranger in the twilight, a friend at school, or even a doctor in the hospital. Have they always walked among humans, or are they here for another purpose?

Characters Edit

Angels Edit

  • Dominic Hunter
Faux ss 14 - dominic hunter

Dominic Hunter as he appears in KARMA: Chapter 3

He is an Angel of Fire who can appears to be quite serious about his work. Although usually hot-headed and impatient, Dominic actually has a soft spot for children and small animals. He is the first angel to appear in the series and appears to have two brothers in Heaven. He uses twin short swords and is said to be extremely fast in battle. He has fiery red hair and golden eyes.

  • Rei Kuassary

An Angel of Fire, Rei is a kind and caring individual who can be ruthless in battle. She uses a sword, but appears to have the ability to trap demons inside the Star of David. She has brown hair with longs bangs, half of which usually covers the left side of her face.

  • Reign Shuei

A Water Angel who shares similar traits with Dominic. He appears to have no patience with women, especially loud ones. Although he appears to not carry any weapons of his own, he was able to take his client's soul by simply touching her. He has white hair and ice blue eyes.

  • Shijirou

Said to be an overseer of angels, Shijirou appears in the latter part of Chapter 2. Although he appeared with the real Professor Azorite, he spoke to Rei quietly and told her not to blame herself what happened. He also mentioned that she has "far more important matters to prepare for", but the meaning of these words have yet to be explained.

  • Tori Avalon

An angel who appeared with Rei in Chapter 2, Tori powers have yet to be revealed. He is somewhat short-tempered, but he appears to be the youngest angel so far.

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