Krisis! Komix is a webcomic strip that started at Earth Hour 2009 by FPJ Jr. From its simple strips, It has now turned into the collective name for titles made by FPJ Jr (i.e. Dyosabelle, Ang Bagong Kidlat, Sosyal Doodle, Blog It! Johnny Astig). Krisis! Komix reffers both to the webcomic and the comic collection.

There are two published comics launched and sold at Komikon. The first is Krisis Komix Identity Krisis in 2010 and Krisis Komix World Krisis in Komikon 2011. Identity Krisis is more of a complilation of the webcomics with a special feature of Dyosabelle and Sosyal Doodle. World Krisis on the other hand, featured Ang Bagong Kidlat, Johnny Astig and some Blog It! strips.