Wish granted (forFB)

LEFT: The cover of GOLD MANGA #3 featuring Louise, Destiny, Skye, and Alex. RIGHT: The inside cover for WISH*GRANTED featuring King, Louise Vendivil, and Harry.

WISH*GRANTED is a 22-page one shot written by Kkabyulism and illustrated by Kurohiko (Columbia Kho). It was published under VIVA-PSICOM's GOLD Anthology Manga #3 and debuted on the "Love at First Write" event last February 14, 2015.

Plot Edit

How to Make a Wish:

  • Go to the fountain
  • Offer your most important item
  • Close your eyes and make a wish

- excerpt from WISH*GRANTED

Louise Vendivil is a typical high school student who has a crush on her schoolmate, Harry. Like any love-struck teenager, Louise is willing to do anything for Harry to notice her. Her friends suggest for her to make a wish on the school's fountain, but instead of having her wish come true, she ended up taking care of her cupcake-eating guardian angel(?!).

Characters Edit

FB cover layout

Kurohiko's Facebook Cover featuring a colored panel of Louise and King.

  • Louise Vendivil

The main character of the story. She is innocent, if not a little gullible, to her friends' scheming. It is revealed in the story that she knows how to sing and that she hates spiders. She has pink hair and blue eyes.

  • King

A mysterious "guardian angel" of sorts who suddenly appeared on the ground after Louise made her wish on the fountain. He is only visible to Louise, unless he chooses to be seen or if he's unconscious. He appears to be a carefree individual who loves to eat cupcakes. He has blond hair and brown eyes.

  • Harry

Louise's schoolmate and initial love interest. Not much is known about him, but he seems to be a good guitarist as he accompanied Louise as sang "Falling Slowly" on the school grounds. He is also almost always seen carrying his guitar case on his back.

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